This section is part bibliography part database of local and international resources concerning international animated films. Articles for research purposes are mixed in with links to organizations as well as the webpages of individual films, directors, and creators, all sorted by region! If you have anything you think should be added, make sure to hit the "Contact" tab and let us know in the fill-out form.



-Animation World Network

-Cartoon Brewin particular their Animation Festival Guide


-Animation in the Middle East

-Arab Identity in Syrian Film (Video)


-Michel Ocelot's Website (French animator)

-Sylvain Chomet on the Illusionist

-Unifrance, French cinema organization

-Association Francaise du Cinema d'Animation

(French Association of Animated Cinema)

-Annecy Animated Film Festival

-Ernest et Celestine Making-Of Blog

-Ernest and Celestine official webpage

-Benjamin Renner on animating Ernest et Celestine (video)


-Wan Brothers info +documentary

-History of Chinese Animation
-Interview: Restoring 'The Monkey King'

-Monkey King 3D Review from NYICFF 2012

-China Daily 'Uproar in Heaven' review, backstory

-Shanghai Animation Studio overview

USSR/former Soviet Union

-Mystery of the Third Planet Review

-Mystery of the Third Planet Review (+Soyuzmultfilm background)

-Older Soyuzmultfilm Films

-Soyuzmultfilm Website

-Soviet Cartoons Online


-Interview with Alê Abreu about Boy and the World

Czech Republic

-Association of Czech Animated Films (ASAF)


-KAFF (film festival)

-Golden Age of Hungarian Animation

-Hungarian Animation Overview (Opinion)

-Pannoniafilm (production company)

-Magyar Filmlabor AKA MAFilm (Hungarian National Film Fund)

-Fehérlófia review on Huffington Post

-Fehérlófia review on Cinemajam

-Fehérlófia review review on Film Walrus

-Hungarian Film History

-Hungary-specific Community Resources


-Night on the Galactic Railroad & Spirituality

-Wandering Son manga via Fantagraphics

-Wandering Son streaming on Crunchyroll

-Comics Journal review of Wandering Son

-Comics Alliance review of Wandering Son


-Watership Down Production History

-"The Snowman" creator Raymond Briggs Interview

-"The Snowman" in full, with David Bowie opening


-Song of the Sea & Irish animation history


-Thief and the Cobbler Trivia

-Thief and the Cobbler Documentary Trailer & Review

-Final cut of Thief and the Cobbler at MoMA

-National Film Board of Canada, Animation section (includes short films that you can stream for free!)

-Ishu Patel's entire oeuvre


-NWFF Children's Film Festival

-Scarecrow Video

-Seattle Public Library

-Seattle International Film Festival

-Torrey Pines Film

-One City Language Project (Language Classes)

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Below is a YouTube playlist of many animated films considered for this series, both modern and antiquated. Also included are short films and animated music videos (note: not all are kid-friendly).

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