Bringing Communities Together


We aim to share diverse cultural traditions through the power of cartoons to bring people together. Whether you just moved to the United States, are enrolled in a language school, grew up multi-lingual, or just want to learn more about other cultures, by showcasing films in their native tongue we aim to provide a cultural crossroads where people who speak languages besides English can connect locally.

Sharing a Global Tradition


Animation is an art form that can be found across all cultures. We aim to showcase animated films from countries across the globe that advance the aesthetic possibilities of 2D animation through their specific cultural lens. Whether by sharing films that were not widely released in the United States at their inception, or by showing films that have previously never been released in English, we aim to bring popular and well-loved animated features from other countries to the film-going community here in Seattle.

Unity through Art


As a way to combat xenophobia and American exceptionalism, we present films that transcend geographic and political boundaries as great works of art. While every film is very much a product of her mother culture, each offers something unique about the human experience that can be felt by all. This way, we can de-center the USA as a producer of animated features and instead look to other cultures as pioneers of the medium as well as poets of our common human spirit.

Looping gif of a hand-drawn animated scene where a little girl pats a lion's nose and then the lion nuzzles her.

Image © 2014 Chang Hyung-Yun, The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow